Special Education

Moody High School strives to practice inclusion and co-teaching opportunities for our students as much as possible to allow our special education students to participate in the regular education classroom for the majority of their instructional day. 
We also include the use of the content mastery classroom for additional one on one help and have structured in an additional academic support period to allow for daily intervention and "check-up" times for students to interact with special education support staff to ensure their success in the regular education classroom. 
We strive to weekly consult with the student and general education teacher to ensure success academic success as well as to prevent any challenges the student is facing from developing into troubling issues as the weeks continue. This strategy allows us to face the nine weeks as a team and be fully immersed in each child''s academic schedule and have a firm grasp on upcoming tests, problem areas, extended time assignments, and the extent of modifications and accommodations needed/used in each subject matter. This system has allowed us to support each student at the level they need and individualize their instruction while allowing them to participate in the general education classroom with a high level of success. 
If you have any questions about how your child is doing in the regular education classroom or how their special education IEP goals are being met, you may contact the regular education teacher who has been fully versed in each child's needs and has been a partner in creating the IEP, or you may contact me. 
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child's education experience.

Jarrod Thomas
Director of Special Education
Moody High School