Tammy Johnson

Hello My Name Is...

Tammy Johnson


I am so excited to be teaching at Moody High School!  I have a bachelor's degree in education from Southwestern Assemblies of God University and a master's degree in special education from Concordia University. I am from China Spring and live in McGregor. My husband and I have eight children from 15 to 25 years of age and seven grandchildren (with number eight on the way).  We love to go fishing and cook together as a family.  We also spend a lot of time at the theater, as our youngest children are involved in drama and choir.  I love literature and writing and I am looking forward to helping you learn to love it, too! 

ON MY CALENDAR you will find all of the homework assignments and test dates.  I will always have any worksheets available to view or download and print from the calendar.  All due dates will also be on the calendar along with any test or quiz dates.  If you lose something I have handed out, you should be able to find a digital copy on the calendar.  If you do not have access to a printer, please write down any answers on a piece of notebook or journal paper and turn it in to me on time.  I would rather you try your best to do your assignments on time rather than wait to print something out.  If I find any good games or videos to help supplement the lessons, I will posts links to those on the calendar as well.

HOWEVER,  every student should have a chromebook.  Bring the chromebook to class with you, charged and ready to use, every day.  With access to Google Classroom through your school email account, you will be able to access every assignment and collaborate with your classmates from anywhere.  Everything we do in class and everything I put on the calendar will be found on Classroom.  

English 4 students:  We are going to begin the year with the research paper.  Please don't groan!  Please don't hate me!  There is a method to my madness.  I thought since you are mostly seniors, you would like to get the hard stuff out of the way first so that we can have more fun in the spring semester.  Be prepared to hit the ground running from the first day of school.

English 3 students:  We will begin the year with a review of the history of American literature by reading everything from Native American poetry to modern novels.  We will also be exploring what makes good fiction.

Novel studies and AR:  All English 3 and 4 students will be responsible for one independent novel study every nine weeks (Pre-AP students will be required to complete two every nine weeks.)  This will be in conjunction with your AR requirements.  I will prepare a list of novels for both American Literature (English 3) and British Literature (English 4) from which you may choose.  They will be quality literature that corresponds with the objectives for your class. If you complete the novel study, you will fulfill the AR requirements for that grading period.  We will still offer an incentive to any student that reaches 20 points each grading period with a trip during school hours to Cici's Pizza in Waco every nine weeks!


Period 1  7:50 - 8:35  English IV                   

Period 2  8:38 - 9:24  English III                         

Period 3 9:27 - 10:12  English IV                          

Period 4 10:15 - 11:00  English IV                              

Period 5  11:03 - 11:48  Pre-AP English III

Period 6  11:51 - 12:36  English IV  

B LUNCH  12:36 - 1:06    

Period 7  1:09 - 1:54  English III

Period 8  1:57 - 2:42  English III

Period 9  2:45 - 3:30  Conference