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We'll Always Have Summer by: Jenny Han 
Belly is still a young girl who is involved with Conrad. She chose one over the other after she found out the big secret that her "boyfriend" had been keeping from her. When he went to Cabo, she broke down. However, he surprised her with getting on one knee...
Summary by: Tayla Moore
The Moment Before by: Suzy Vitello 
Brady Wilson is a 17 year old girl who just lost her sister in a freak cheer accident. Her stunt partner was supposedly high at the time, which doesn't make matters much better. Brady's dad has turned to drinking and her mom is trying to keep everything together. Is turning to the pot head stunt partner really in Brady's best interest right now?
Summary by: Amanda Hubbard
Monument 14 (Book 1 of the series) by Emmy Laybourne 
Dean Greider was never the outgoing, leader type; he's more of the shy, timid kind of guy. But when he gets trapped in a superstore with kids of different ages, it all changes. Dean has to step out of his comfort zone and protect these kids, as well as impress the other teens. As the story unravels, Dean is torn between staying and protecting the girl he loves or going outside with this genius brother and the others.
By: Hailey Davidson
Historical Fiction 
Eyes of the Emperor by Graham Salisbury is a true-to-history look at World War II from the perspective of Japanese-American soldiers. Though these young men were drafted by the military or voluntarily signed up to protect their country prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, after the attack, they were counted as the enemy and second class citizens.  Follow the main character Eddy Okubo as he realizes how it feels to be discriminated against while defending those who are discriminating.