Counselor's Corner » Tenth Grade Timeline

Tenth Grade Timeline

Use this timeline to make sure you are accomplishing everything you need to in order to reach your maximum potential!


·       Take the PLAN and PSAT assessments offered at school.  These assessments help determine your study habits and academic progress, areas of interest, and will help prepare you to take the ACT and SAT assessments next year.

·       Familiarize yourself with college entrance requirements.


·       Discuss your PLAN and PSAT scores with your counselor.

·       The people who read college and scholarship applications aren’t looking just for grades.  Get involved in activities outside the classroom.  Work towards leadership positions in the activities you like best.  Become involved in community service and other volunteer activities.

·       Continue to develop a strong academic foundation.  Challenge yourself in your classes.

·       Work on your writing skills.  Strong writing skills are a necessity-no matter what profession you choose.

·       Find a teacher, counselor, principal, or other adult who will advise and encourage you in your college or career plans.


·       Keep your grades up and check your GPA and class rank each semester.

·       Ask your counselor about taking college classes while in high school (dual credit).

·       Continue to explore interests and careers you think you might like.

·       Begin zeroing in on the type of college you would prefer (two-year or four-year, small or large, rural or urban).

·       If you are interested in attending a military academy, such as West Point or Annapolis, now is the time to start planning and getting information.

·       Go on line and research academic requirements for admission to colleges you might be interested in attending.

·       Visit college campuses.

·       Talk to your parents about planning for college expenses.  Continue or begin a savings plan for college. 

·       STUDY HARD !!!