Counselor's Corner » Eleventh Grade Timeline

Eleventh Grade Timeline

Use this time-line to make sure you are accomplishing everything you need to in order to reach your maximum potential!

FALL Semester

·       Continue researching and refining your list of target schools.

·       Research schools on the internet.

·       Begin creating a resume. Locate and organize all awards, articles, prizes, etc. earned.  You will be asked to list your achievements on college and scholarship applications.

·       Register for the ACT/SAT.

·       Focus on your grades!!!

·       Improve your vocabulary.

·       Fill up your spare time with as much community service, volunteer work, club or sport activity, etc. as you can.


·       Remember how important your grades are.  Check your GPA and class rank at the end of each semester.

·       Research interesting and challenging summer opportunities.

·       Think about your financial aid needs. 

·       STUDY HARD !!!