Bearcat Powerlifting Results (Updated 2.25.2020)

The following lifters competed at West on Saturday, February 22, 2020. 

Gavin Green - 3rd place
Tra'Shawn Hill - 2nd place
Hunter Mach - 7th place
Davis Orr - 10th place
Brandon Bartek - 9th place
*Boys Last Regional Qualifier will be on Thursday, February 27th.
Girls (Last Regional Qualifying meet):
Ania Belvin - 3rd place
Alicia Cortez - 4th place
Kaylie Samford - 14th place
Monica Valdez - 12th place
Katelynn Hale - 8th place
Autumn Hale - 6th place
Kyleigh Mach - 7th place
Great job lifters! 

 ANIA BELVIN, ALICIA CORTEZ, KINLEE KOLLAJA and KYLEIGH MACH qualified (in their respective weight classes) to compete at the Regional Powerlifting Meet on Saturday, March 7, 2020.

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