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Twelfth Grade Timeline

Use this timeline to make sure you are accomplishing everything you need to in order to reach your maximum potential!


·       Create a file for each target school.  Be sure to include application requirements and deadlines. 

·       Attend all meetings, college fairs, financial aid nights hosted by your high school.

·       Meet with your counselor and ask questions!

·       Continue to polish your resume.  Don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments.

·       Print practice applications for all of your target schools, even if you plan to apply on-line.  Make sure you have all the necessary information to complete the application correctly.

·       Ask your teachers for letters of recommendation.

·       Register for the ACT/SAT.  Many students will improve their score by testing a second time.


·       Work on applications.

·       Think about possible essay topics and begin brainstorming your response.

·       Use your college days to visit campuses.  (Requires prior approval from campus principal.)


·       Continue to work on applications and essays.

·       Talk to your parents about your financial aid needs.  Look for scholarships available at your target schools.

·       Watch your deadlines.  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!

·       Be sure your ACT/SAT scores are where you need them to be.  If not, register to retake the test.


·       Study Hard!!!

·       Use the internet to research scholarships.

·       Have others proofread your applications and essays.

·       Continue to update your resume.

·       Keep copies of any applications you send.


·       No Senioritis!

·       Talk to your parents about filing their income tax returns ASAP!  You will need this information for financial aid applications.

·       Work on your FAFSA!!


·       Complete your FAFSA!!

·       Keep your grades up!

·       Continue to work on scholarship applications.


·       FAFSA, FAFSA, FAFSA…Get it completed!

·       Notify your counselor of an acceptance letters you receive.

·       Continue working on scholarship applications.


·       Review and discuss financial aid options. 

·       Continue working on scholarship applications.


·       Plan your summer employment.

·       If needed, research loans to make up for any financial needs.

·       Study for your finals!

·       Begin thinking about what your other college needs may be (computer, transportation, books, housing arrangements, etc.).


·       Let your counselor know where to send your final transcript.

·       Send “Thank You” notes to organization who have awarded you a scholarship.

·       GRADUATION!!!!