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Moody High School is an open enrollment 2A high school located in Moody, TX that accepts all students feeding from Moody Middle School.  As a campus-wide P-Tech Academy, all students participate in the STEM program.

All 8th grade students in Moody ISD are enrolled in a high school preparatory class through which students are provided information about Moody High School.  In addition to building skills necessary for success in high school, students also receive information about the various STEM and elective pathway choices. Each program director prepares a presentation for the 8th grade students providing details about the program and recruiting for the next cohort of students.  Students also receive targeted instruction and intervention to prepare them for taking the TSI assessment. All 8th grade students take the Reading TSI at the end of the school year prior to beginning dual credit courses in the 9th grade.

Moody High School hosts middle school parent meetings to inform parents about the MHS STEM and Dual Credit Programs.  Students in grades 6-7 are given information regarding the importance of TSI readiness, the content of the 8th grade high school preparatory course, as well as an overview of the STEM/Dual Credit Program.  Parents of 8th grade students are given information about high school courses, TSI assessments, dual credit courses, pathways and other relevant information for upcoming freshmen.

In the Summer bridge program, students are given information about each elective pathway and allowed to participate in activities exposing them to content from each program.  Program directors focus on engaging material designed to spark interest in their elective pathway. There is a focus on recruiting students and guiding students toward choices that support future career goals.  

MHS holds a registration week, during which students and parents can receive assistance enrolling students and completing all registration documents.  Registration paperwork can be found online. All remaining forms are completed during our open house event the last week of the Summer break.