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Assessment Strategies

Moody High School uses a variety of assessment instruments to evaluate student learning and achievement.  Through formative and summative strategies, MHS assessments guide instruction, plan intervention and remediation, as well as identify areas for improvement.  Teachers implement informal classroom assessments, district unit tests, and other evaluative resources such as Pearson and Accelerated Math to provide targeted instruction and determine mastery.  Additionally, the district uses NWEA MAP testing to track student growth and provide a national framework with which to measure student progress. District benchmark assessments are administered to assist in the preparation for STAAR EOC assessments.  

Moody High School is a TSIA testing site and regularly administers assessments to evaluate college readiness in preparation for post-secondary courses.  Students in 8th grade preparatory courses receive instruction designed to improve success on the TSI Reading Assessment, given to all 8th grade students at the end of the school year.  Students will take their Math and Writing TSI Assessments throughout their high school experience as a prerequisite to relevant college coursework. Moody High School also administers the PSAT, ACT and SAT assessments on campus on designated dates during the school year.