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Internship and Externship Opportunities

Moody ISD is committed to providing quality internship and externship opportunities for our students and teachers.  Internships provide meaningful work experience aligned with student pathways and career interests as well as general work-related knowledge and skills.  Each Pathway Director continually explores new avenues for placing students and coordinating work experiences within the business/industry related to each pathway.  Internships may vary in duration and be offered at different times throughout the year as determined by business partners. Internships may be paid positions, volunteer experiences, job shadowing opportunities, field experiences, or job observations.  

Externships provide opportunities for teachers to gain insight and knowledge from business partners to help guide curriculum and instructional decisions within each pathway.  Moody ISD teachers are encouraged to find externship opportunities that support the development of quality program experiences for students. Through meaningful business and industry connections, instructors continue to grow and create lessons that increase student employability and ultimately pave a pathway through Moody High School and directly into an aligned post-secondary instructional program or a business/industry career.

Moody ISD Business Partners include: